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We are trusted by leaders.

NEVATOM proves this daily, earning the respect and loyalty of thousands of clients and partners across Russia and beyond, who are themselves leaders of the construction and production industries. We are valued for our dedication to professionalism, trustworthiness, and innovation in all our services and business processes.

Established in 2002, NEVATOM has since become a leading player on the HVAC market in Ural, Siberia and Russian Far East. We continue to grow rapidly, and in 2016 opened our offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. With advanced high-performance equipment, including the world’s fastest automated production line Fabriduct (FORMTEK, USA, up to 750 rectangular ducts per shift; only one in Russia) and Tubeformer Pro (SPIRO, Switzerland, up to 250 round ducts per hour; only one east of the Urals), our company can produce up to 200 thousand square meters of high-quality ventilation products monthly.

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NEVATOM is in constant search of new innovative ways of improving the quality of its products and services, as well as increasing its productivity. Continuing to firmly adhere to these traditions, in 2013 NEVATOM introduced the rectangular duct with integrated flange system TDC III, which meets European class “C” standards of quality and airtightness, and in 2015 brought onto the market the AHU Salair, engineered with the world’s best AHU design and customization software, AirCalc++. In 2016, Salair was followed by the frameless AHUs Alatau and the compact AHU line Neiva.

Today, NEVATOM is a recognized leader on the HVAC market. Nevatom’s advantages are

· 19 years of production and reliable supply of industrial ventilation systems; 
· 2 factories in Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg; 
· 24 trade offices and warehouses in cities across Russia;
· Offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg; 
· 1500 unique ventilation products in stock; 
· 1000 sq.m of spiral round ducts per hour; 
· 3000 sq.m of class "C" rectangular ducts per shift; 
· 25,000 sq.m of ventilation products per week for shipment; 
· Frame, frameless, and compact air handling units; 
· Electric furnace for polymer powder coating; 
· Certified production of: 
     · Duct fans, 
     · Roof fans, 
     · Axial fans, 
     · Radial fans, 
     · Fire dampers, 
     · Electric heaters. 

  Today, NEVATOM can:

· quote your order in 1 day; 
· fulfill your order in 2-3 days; 
· guarantee world-class quality of our products and post-sale service; 
· offer you the best price-quality ratio on your orders. 

NEVATOM is trusted by leaders, and that is worth a lot!